The Journey to 108


The first thing to remember when you consider signing up for 108 Sun Salutations is that thousands of people have done so before you. They decided to step onto their mats and most likely participated in the same inner dialogue that you may be having right now.
We all have an incredibly imaginative internal critic. Think about the last time you were faced with something new, or felt yourself nudging up against your comfort zone…How many negative scenarios involving failure, embarrassment or disappointment were stirred up?
The problem with that inner critic is that when you listen to it, you set yourself up to get those results.

It’s time to stand up and feel worthy of success no matter what challenge you are stepping up to.

Be aware of the habit of trying to control and influence the outcomes of your efforts, experiences and exertions. It creates a conviction inside of you of how things “should be”. And focusing on the ‘should be’ in reality brings tension, frustration and stress.
Choose to surrender to “what is”, instead of holding onto what you think should be. Let go of those self limiting beliefs and stop clinging to what may not be true, allow the outcome of your efforts to unfold as they will. This is how you can get out of your own way, see what is, and be amazed by your own true brilliance. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish when you intentionally confront this way of thinking.

Most importantly, embrace your individual learning curve, milestones, and mistakes as you learn about yourself in this journey. You will have personal obstacles you will need to remove yourself, but these obstacles will help you embrace your vulnerability. All you have to do is simply show up with an open mind and an open heart.

108 Sun Salutations will help you feel:
1. Focused
2. Disciplined
3. Resilient
4. Committed to your Yoga, Health and Wellness.
5. Stronger with Improved Mobility
6. Capable
7. Connected to your Mind, Body and Spirit

Here are some points to contemplate before you decide.

1. You will not be alone. Just as each time to step onto your mat in the studio, you will look to your left and your right and you see others setting about to do what you are doing, despite what their inner critic might be telling them.
2. Your body is more than capable. As humans we typically underestimate our own capacities and are frequently surprised by what we have done on the other side of a new experience or challenge. You many even feel ready to do another 100…this is a common response and tells you about the kind of experience you are about to get into.
3. You can work at your own pace. Your personal yoga flow should move with your breath. Some participants may choose to take the practice at a faster pace, others will opt for a slower pace and make the practice more meditative. You are in control of your personal experience.
4. You can modify when needed. Just as the pace is yours, the movements are yours as well.
5. Rest is essential and available to you when you need it. As in life itself, it is important to give yourself permission to rest. Taking a few minutes to release tension, recuperate and recharge your energy will provide the boost you need to astound yourself in finishing the challenge.

In closing, you will better appreciate what you are able to do, and how much farther you can reach past your expectations. This series will challenge your mind and your body. It’s an amazing way to elevate your yoga practice and boost your own mental and physical capacity. You will change your life by pushing your boundaries and prove to yourself that you can do more than what you give yourself credit for.

I believe you can do it, now you need to believe in you!

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