Yoga for Athletic Performance: Improve Performance and Reduce Injuries with Yoga

Offering sport specific yoga for the individual or team. Customizable for both youth and adults. If you’re interested in more information please contact me.
Classes specially designed to prepare bodies and minds for peak performance in athletics and performance endeavours such as Soccer, Dance, Football, Baseball, Gymnastics, Hockey, Golf, Swimming, Martial Arts, Crossfit and more.

5 Ways Yoga can Improve Performance in Sports:

-Gain more Flexibility- Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of practicing yoga. Increased flexibility reduces tightness in muscles, can help alleviate tension and improves range of motion. The increased range of motion allows athletes more fluid movement.

-Increase Strength- Athletes can use yoga poses as a low impact alternative to weight training. Strength training combined with flexibility increases explosive power in various sports. Using your own body weight to target specific muscle groups is strengthening and toning in a much safer method.

-Build Self Awareness- Yoga provides athletes with self-confidence through self-awareness. Learning that performance can be improved, while encouraging progression of personal potential both in sports and everyday life.

-Reduce the Risk of Injury- Nothing derails athletic progress like and injury. By increasing muscle strength and flexibility through yoga, athletes can minimize over-use injuries. Yoga also aids in muscle recovery.

-Improve Control- Athletes who practice yoga can gain a strong sense of control. They are taught to understand the relationship between mind and body. They learn how to monitor and manage their bodies through breathing techniques. By controlling breathing, athletes can manage nerves during tense competition or adjust breathing to exert more power.

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