Private, Family & Group Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions can take into consideration your personal fitness level, stress level, injuries, specific concerns and personal goals. Learning proper technique, modifications with props if needed, and subtle alignment adjustments can help you create a foundation and understanding of yoga that will ultimately develop a stronger, safer yoga practice.

Reasons to consider Private Yoga Sessions

New to Yoga: Often group classes can be overwhelming and intimidating with a pace that is too fast for a beginner. I can teach you proper technique, help you with adjustments, and give personal attention going at a pace that is best for your particular needs.

Working with an Injury or targeting a specific area: Aligning your body properly allows the body to heal itself. I can help with the more physical adjustments and assisted stretching than would be possible in a class setting. I can help with specific poses and assist in poses that will target hips, shoulders, neck, back, hamstrings, core strength or any other area that needs attention.

Working towards a specific goal: The benefits of yoga include: increased balance, fitness, general health, stress relief, rejuvenation, weight loss and many more. I can help build a sequence of poses that lead to preparing the body for specific poses or outcomes.

Busy Schedule: I can come to you at a time that is convenient for you and design a class specifically suited to your needs. Free yourself from studio schedules and commuting time. All sessions are done in the comfort of your own home or in my home studio in Chestermere.

Private Sessions

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